• Man accused of stalking prison escapee's family speaks out


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man accused of threatening family members of a man who escaped from prison using forged documents spoke out Monday.

    Wille Slater Jr. was in disbelief when he learned Charles Walker, one of the convicts who caused a statewide manhunt, escaped from prison by using forged documents.

    Slater was upset because Walker, who was his brother-in-law, murdered his brother Cedric.

    "Charles was never supposed to get out of prison. It's not my fault the state of Florida let him out on some … paperwork. I'm entitled to a reaction, I'm human," Slater said.

    That reaction landed him behind bars at the Orange County Jail, facing charges for stalking and threatening to kill members of Walker's family.

    He said he's confused by the charges because the people he's alleged to have stalked and threatened actually live with him.

    "What, was I stalking them from a room, locked in another room, or behind the house or something? How can you stalk the people you stay with?" Slater said.

    Slater claims when Walker got out, he was taunting his family.

    "You just killed my brother, I don't know if you're looking for me or not, I don't know if you looking for my daddy or not, I don't know if you're going to kill my grandmother of not," Slater said.

    Slater says he went to Facebook to express his feelings, posting in part that "murder is on my mind."

    "I never acted on it, I never used nobody's name, I never followed nobody home or no stuff like that," Slater said.

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    Man accused of stalking prison escapee's family speaks out