• Man arrested on drug charges after pocket-dialing 911


    ORANGE CITY, Fla. - A conversation about selling prescription pills landed an Orange City tow truck driver in jail after his cellphone pocket-dialed 911 and dispatchers listened in, according to a report.

    Authorities said Matthew Dollarhide, 19, was surprised when a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy pulled him and two coworkers over on Tuesday and asked why they were talking about selling drugs.

    A release stated that deputies were alerted at 9:42 p.m. Tuesday and sent to a location where dispatchers said the phone signal was coming from.

    "And he says he will buy your food stamp card … he will buy whatever extra you have on food stamps," the 911 dispatcher continued to hear.

    The call goes on and one of the men can be heard vouching to his buddy for a potential buyer.

    "I was in jail with that guy. Me and him, we're in. We're straight. We were in the same pod for like two months."

    It took the dispatcher less than a minute to figure out what was happening and send a deputy.

    In less than 10 minutes, deputies tracked down a truck from Harry's Towing with the suspects inside.

    From the conversation, dispatchers learned Dollarhide and the coworkers were driving a tow truck. When deputies heard the name "Harry" in the conversation, they pulled over a Harry's Towing truck moments later.

    The 911 call recorded the conversation when the three realized they were being pulled over.

    "I'm getting (expletive) pulled over. Holy (expletive)! I'm going to jail!"

    Deputies said they found a crack pipe on Dollarhide, and he was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

    But police said Dollarhide told them the pipe wasn't his and belonged to his father.

    Dollarhide said he placed the pipe in his pocket earlier in the day because he didn't want his dad to get in trouble with their landlord for leaving drug paraphernalia in the house.

    Dollarhide was taken to the Volusia County Jail on $250 bail.

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    Man arrested on drug charges after pocket-dialing 911