• Man faces cyberstalking charges for threatening ex-girlfriend


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla.,None - A Brevard County man is facing cyberstalking charges for allegedly sending threatening text messages to an ex-girlfriend.

    Police said Thomas Palumbo made numerous threats to the woman and contacted her when he was ordered not to.

    According to police, the suspect didn't just threaten her at her house, he's used Facebook, text messages, and has even spied on her, sending her messages that said he was watching her.

    In court documents, Melissa McPherson detailed the nightmare she's been living.

    Not only has she said Palumbo threatened to kill her, she has gotten terrifying text messages from him describing how items are placed in her home, including a suitcase on her bed.

    Palumbo was arrested after images of her home were posted on his Facebook page at 6:30 in the morning, insinuating he was watching her.

    "In her request to get a restraining order, the woman said she got between 50 and 75 text messages and phone calls. One even said he would burn her house down and collect the insurance money," authorities said.

    No one answered at Palumbo's apartment when we went by. The couple lived together for nearly nine years before breaking up this winter.

    Since then McPherson told police she has had to deal with the harassment and has even been stabbed by one of Palumbo's new girlfriends.

    Police said when Palumbo found out the cops were looking for him, he hid in a motel in Cocoa and continued to call the victim to persuade her to drop the charges, saying this would be a prison sentence for him.

    When he found out she tried to get a restraining order, McPherson told police he left her another message, laughing.

    The woman's first restraining order was denied because she didn't show up at the hearing. She told police she has filed for a second one.

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