• Man finds kilo of cocaine on Daytona Beach, police say

    By: Mike Springer


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Some people find seashells at the beach.

    Others might find shark teeth or spare change.

    But in one case, police said a man found a kilo of cocaine during his morning run.

    Daytona Beach police officers were called to the 2900 block of North the Beach on Tuesday for a report of found property. 

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    A man told officers he was running by the water when he came across a black, square package with the word, “Porsche” written on the outside. 

    He said he thought the package might contain a type of car part, but when he unwrapped it, he saw a white substance and “smelled cocaine,” according to a report. 

    Police said the package was semi-covered by a rubber weatherproof material and cellophane wrapping. 

    The substance tested positive for cocaine, police said. 

    The man who found it cooperated with detectives and filled out a witness statement at the scene, police said. 

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