• Sentencing delayed for man found guilty in attempted murder case


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Sentencing was delayed Wednesday for a man convicted of shooting teenager Danielle Sampson as she rode through Pine Hills with her family last year. 

    WFTV also found out the defense is, once again, pushing for a new trial.

    Tyrone Mosby’s defense has already been denied once, but his new defense attorney filed a motion stating two Orange County detectives may have tampered with the jury during deliberations.

    Sampson was 15 when she was struck in the head by a stray bullet as Mosby fired at another vehicle. Since July, she's been confined to a wheelchair and needs around-the-clock care.

    Sampson’s mother, Alma Fletcher, said she is outraged at the delay.

    “Every 16-year-old child is in school,” she said. “My child is stuck in a chair, can't do nothing for herself. I can't even sit down and eat a proper meal watching my child not being able to eat. It's horrible.”

    Fletcher told Channel 9 she was looking forward to at least a little closure at Mosby's sentencing on Thursday, but with the delay, she won’t get that.

    Prosecutors and a six-person jury said Mosby fired the shot that struck Sampson. But Mosby's new attorney said the judge made a crucial mistake by not allowing the defense to raise the possibility that someone else may have been shooting, too.

    Police said Mosby robbed Chester Joseph's Pine Hills home and when Joseph chased him, Mosby shot at him.

    Police said one of those bullets hit Sampson, but Mosby's defense team said Joseph may have fired shots, too, and that it might not have been Mosby's bullet that hit Sampson.

    WFTV spoke with jurors after the trial who said they stand behind their guilty verdict.

    “We listened to a number of testimonies multiple times and, um, so I don't think there was ever really a question in our minds whether or not Chester Joseph had a weapon,” said the juror, who did not want to be named.

    The motion also states Mosby's sister was in a waiting area outside the courtroom when she captured cellphone video of the detectives entering a secured hallway leading to the jury room. 

    Mosby's parents, however, said they are hopeful the latest development could lead to a new trial for their son.

    "We just wish for the best and hope for a fair trial, and for right, now that's all we really have to say," said one of Mosby’s parents.

    Also in court Wednesday morning, Mosby's attorney stated Mosby may not be competent to proceed with the sentencing phase of the case, so Mosby will now have to undergo a mental evaluation.

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    Sentencing delayed for man found guilty in attempted murder case