• Man found guilty of murdering parents, brother started working on appeal before sentencing

    By: Jeff Levkulich , James Tutten


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - For the first time since he was convicted of murdering his parents and brother in their Seminole County home, we are hearing from the killer.

    The new jailhouse conversation comes as Grant Amato's appeal continues.

    The phone call took place inside the Seminole County Jail after a jury found Amato guilty of the murders but before the sentencing phase started.  


    In the call, Amato -- who is talking to a man filming a documentary about the murders -- was already thinking about the appeals process.  

    Just five days after Amato was convicted of murdering his mother Margaret, father Chad and brother Cody in their Chuluota home in January, his first phone call was to a New York man making a documentary about his case.

    Colin Archdeacon: "I feel bad about, uh, the state you are living in right now."

    Amato: "Oh no, no worry about it. I mean, I'm just doing my thing you know, it's all good."

    There was little emotion from Amato and nothing said about his family. There was also no concern over whether he could be sentenced to death for the crimes he was convicted of committing.

    Archdeacon:  "How are you feeling? Do you think you are kind of adjusting to the verdict still?" 

    Amato: "Yeah, still adjusting to it. Uh, you know it's not so much the uh, the verdict that came back.  It's just you know, coming to terms with you know, the time I'm going to have to wait."  

    Amato was already talking about his appeal, which his attorneys filed last week.  He said he is confident in the appellate process. 

    Amato: "I feel like I have really solid grounds for appealing the, not only the, um, the whole trial phase, but the whole entire case altogether." 

    Amato said he was looking forward to leaving the jail, where there is not much to do, and going to prison.

    Amato: "All you can do is either talk or play cards, uh, or work on your case law or whatever, and then sleep, but in prison you can get electronics. You can watch TV, listen to music."  

    Amato only mentioned the Bulgarian webcam girl, Sylvie, once.  

    He said the prosecution's theory that he killed his family because he was obsessed with her was nonsense. 

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