• Naked man runs around airport, threatens bomb at Daytona Beach airport, police say

    By: Kelly Healey


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A man was taken into custody Friday after he made a reference to a bomb threat at the Daytona Beach International Airport, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

    Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood said deputies responded to a call about a naked man running around the airport.

    John T. Greenwood, 25, was on the baggage carousel shouting, “We’ve got to get out of here!” to the deputies, authorities said.

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    “John Greenwood entered the airport restroom, made hole in a wall, inserted a backpack. Came out naked, climbed onto baggage carousel, where deputies took him into custody. He claimed a bomb was about to go off,” Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet.

    Body camera video was released, showing Greenwood jumping out of the baggage carousel and onto the floor.

    The video shows deputies ordering Greenwood to get on his stomach or they would shock him with a Taser. Greenwood did not comply, and the Taser was deployed.

    Deputies asked Greenwood if he had taken any drugs so they could properly treat him. 

    Greenwood told them he had taken Molly, but he refused medical treatment.

    Body Camera: Naked makes bomb threat at Daytona Beach airport

    “I just want to get out of here, bro. I’ll go to jail. I’ll go wherever the hell you want me to go. Book me. But get me the hell out of here, please,” he said. 

    Deputies did not find a bomb, only Greenwood’s clothes stuffed into backpack inside a women’s bathroom that was under construction. 

    "We are on the road a lot and never experience this before,” said another airline passenger.

    Greenwood had been Baker-Acted twice in the past, Chitwood said. He was taken to Halifax Hospital.

    A bomb was not found, and the airport was cleared, Chitwood said.

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    Chitwood said Greenwood faces a “slew of charges” that include exposure of sexual organs, resisting arrest, false report concerning planting a bomb and burglary. 


    Watch the Volusia County Sheriff's Office news conference below:


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