• Man says he was victim of profiling by Windermere Police


    WINDERMERE, Fla. - WFTV talked to a man who says he was a victim of two Windermere police officers under criminal investigation.

    Officers Ryan Miller and Jason Darnell were on paid leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement looked into whether they wrongfully profiled people.

    WFTV reporter Jeff Deal went through the officers' personnel files Thursday.

    Christopher Scott and his wife had written complaints about Miller and Darnell, including about a traffic stop Miller made on black landscaper who did some work for Scott.

    "Why do you think he pulled this guy over?" asked Deal.

    Scott answered, "Because he was black. That's the whole reason he pulled him over."

    While investigators wouldn't confirm what type of profiling the two officers were under investigation for, Scott said it was well-known they targeted black drivers.

    He also said he believe the officers profiled people with older, beat-up cars.

    Asked what kind of car he drove, Scott said, "BMW … I never got pulled over once. We're lived here 13 years.”

    He said in his other cars he was pulled over several times.

    Scott said he was even pulled over in a car his daughter usually drove, for a license plate light he claims wasn't out.

    Scott said another officer was aware of Miller and Darnell's behavior and may have been the one who sparked the investigation.

    "It's a crime. It's a good ol' boy system," said Scott.

    Miller had other complaints, but no other complaints of racial profiling.

    Darnell had a complaint in 2009 for racial profiling, but when WFTV checked, that complaint wasn't available and officials said it may no longer be in the police files.

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    Man says he was victim of profiling by Windermere Police