Man says post office lost his late wife's ashes

Man says post office lost his late wife's ashes
A Seminole County man, grieving over the recent loss of his wife of 37 years, is now grieving over the loss of her remains. He said the postal service lost her ashes.

Stan Raymers said he mailed some of his wife's the ashes to his son, who was unable to attend the funeral. The ashes were in a tiny urn, packed in a specially marked box. They haven't been seen since he mailed them.

Stan Raymers said his favorite memories were shared with his wife, Patsy.

"(She was) a wonderful woman. We were married 37 years ago in February," said Raymers. "We were close.(We) did everything together. I looked forward to coming home every night to see her."

Patsy Raymers died a few weeks ago following a long illness.

Stan Raymers keeps her ashes in a decorative urn. He gave a smaller urn to his daughter Amy Baumgardner and mailed another to his son in Las Vegas.

"How do you lose a box like that? How do you lose that?" asked Baumgardner.

It appears the postal service lost it.

Raymers said he shipped it from the Altamonte Springs Post Office by priority mail.

He said it was registered and clearly identified as human remains. It was supposed to arrive in Las Vegas on April 25. It has never arrived.

"A piece of my mom is missing. Regardless of what it is, a piece of my mom is missing," said Baumgardner.

Raymers checked the postal service website to track the package. From the website it appears the package never left Altamonte Springs.

Channel 9 contacted regional postal supervisors in Tampa who are now trying to find it.

Raymers said he'd be devastated if it's gone for good.

"That is part of a person I spent 37 years with and I find it unacceptable. I just want to find out where she is. And my son wants the urn," said Raymers.

While Channel 9 reporter Berndt Petersen was at Raymers' house Tuesday the postal service caller Raymers to confirm the tracking number on the package. So far they have not located Patsy Raymers' remains.