• Woman voted Teacher of the Year shot while closing balcony door; Gunman sought


    CASSELBERRY, Fla. - In an exclusive interview with WFTV Tuesday night, an Orange County teacher said someone unloaded 10 rounds of gunfire into her Seminole County townhouse two months ago, and the gunman is still at large.

    Shelly Noblett said she is upset authorities are not doing more to find the shooter.

     The sixth-grade science teacher said when she woke up to shut the balcony door in her room, gunfire rang out. Noblett said she fell to the ground and was covered in blood.

    "As soon as I shut it, I heard the door shatter," Noblett said.

    The shooting left Noblett's glass door shattered, bullet fragments in her skull and her forearm seriously injured.

    "As it wears and wears it just gets harder and harder," Noblett said.

    Noblett said she thought she somehow accidentally broke the door, and said she had no idea what really happened until she got to the hospital.

    "They said, 'You've been shot,'" Noblett said.

    To make matters worse, Noblett said her neighbor broke in while she was in the hospital, stole her jewelry and pawned it.

    She said her grandmother's earrings and jewelry her great-aunt owned were among the items stolen.

    Police arrested Jonathan Gray in connection with the burglary, but the person who shot her is still out there.

    Noblett, who was recently named an Orange County Teacher of the Year, said she has no idea who or why anyone would do this.

    "I've done nothing in my life but help people, do good things and try to makes differences in the world. I don't know. It's just hard sometimes," she said.

    Casselberry police would only say the shooting investigation is still open and active.

    Channel 9 attempted to speak to Gray, but he declined to comment.

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    Woman voted Teacher of the Year shot while closing balcony door; Gunman sought