• Man with gun arrested at Orlando airport threatened to kill wife, police say

    By: WFTV Web Staff , Roy Ramos


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A Palm Bay man armed with a gun was arrested at Orlando International Airport on Tuesday after he threatened to kill his wife, police said.

    An officer went to the airport after getting word from Atlanta police that William Shultz, 49, was possibly at the airport with intentions of killing his wife when she landed, a report said.

    Her daughter called police, and an alert officer recognized the suspect at the airport after officers searched his Palm Bay home and couldn’t find him.

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    The report said that when the officer saw a man that looked like Shultz on a bench near a security checkpoint, Shultz approached the officer and asked about a parking garage.

    The officer said Shultz began to walk away at a fast pace, so he raised his gun at Shultz and ordered him to stop.

    Officers found a Berretta 9 mm gun in a holster on Shultz’s waistband along with a pocket knife and a small container of marijuana, a report said.

    Shultz told police he was at the airport to pick up his wife and that he always carries his firearm.  


    According to the report, she was in Las Vegas visiting her daughter when Shultz began to send her text messages and emails threatening her life.

    She said he told her he would be at OIA when she arrived so she flew to Atlanta instead.

    Shultz is facing charges of aggravated stalking with a firearm, carrying a firearm in a place prohibited by law and possession of cannabis.

    When he faced a judge Wednesday afternoon, the just went through 11 pages of threatening text messages and emails.

    The state prosecutor asked for a bond of $250,000 after the victim said Shultz had threatened murder-suicide several times in the past.

    His bond was set at $55,100.

    Shultz bonded out of just just before 11 p.m. Wednesday.

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