• Manager of Sanford restaurant stabbed multiple times during robbery, police say

    By: Chip Skambis


    SANFORD, Fla. - The manager of a Sanford restaurant is in the hospital after being stabbed during an armed robbery Sunday morning, police said.

    Police arrived at Wolfy’s on North Palmetto Avenue shortly before 7:20 a.m. to investigate reports of an armed robbery.

    The manager of the store, Larry "Pic" Picardat, was approached by two men who escorted him to the restaurant’s safe, police said.

    One of the men stabbed Picardat multiple times in his neck, lower midsection and leg, when he refused to open the safe, police said.

    Picardat told police he believed the other man was holding a “fake gun.”

    Picardat was transported to a local hospital where he remains, police said.

    "He's just a hard working man and very nice," said neighbor Stephanie Miller.



    Customers who frequent the store were upset to learn Picardat had been stabbed. 

    "This hit home, we are one big family here, we don't let any sort of violence or anything go down here," said Ronnie LaRue, a frequent customer. 

    Police said the restaurant was closed at the time of the stabbing. 

    Police are as yet unsure whether the suspects stole anything. 

    Honda believed to be involved in stabbing at Sanford bar, police say.
    Source: Sanford Police Department

    Detectives are still working on a description of the men and are looking to find any witnesses to the two leaving the scene. 

    Police believe the robbers left in a red Honda SUV.

    "We have two people that committed a heinous crime, a horrible crime within our city and were looking to bring them to justice," said Ronny Neal, Sanford police officer. 

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