• Marijuana business class coming to Orlando


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned a marijuana business class is coming to Orlando over the weekend.

    The class is set for Sunday at the Hyatt Regency on Jeff Fuqua Boulevard and will focus around discussion regarding the industry, training and what the future holds for cannabis businesses. Irvin Rosenfeld has been noted as the special guest speaker.

    Robert Calkins of the Cannabis Career Institute wrote the book on creating a marijuana business almost 10 years ago. He's now bringing his expertise to central Florida.

    The day-long, $200 class comes at an odd time in Florida as the medical marijuana vote hasn’t yet happened and there's no guarantee it will pass come November.

    "We come in before it's time to open the business to help you find the right way to start a business," said Calkins.

    Officials said the class teaches students how to open up marijuana dispensaries, delivery service, grow operations and edibles operation.

    "You're going to find out how can I create a business structure that can pay taxes and pay a legal entity," said Calkins.

    Calkin said research shows even if the bill doesn't pass in November, at some point, it will.

    "I think everyone who is looking out on the landscape think, "Hey, if I don't get in on it now, I am going to miss the boat," said Calkins.

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