Markeith Loyd withdraws new attorney motion, asks that prosecutor be removed

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The first trial for an accused cop killer is three months away, but delays could be coming.

Markeith Loyd wants to fire his attorney, while his legal team wants to remove Florida State Attorney Brad King from the case because of a possible conflict of interest.

Loyd recently filed a handwritten motion complaining about his attorneys.

In January 2017, Loyd was accused of gunning down Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton in a Walmart parking lot after she recognized him as being sought in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and her unborn child in December 2016.

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Loyd was on the run for more than a week, investigators said.

Orange County Deputy Norm Lewis was killed in a motorcycle crash while responding in the search for Loyd.

Loyd sent a handwritten complaint to the court saying his lawyers aren't planning his trial defense the way he thinks they should.

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The judge wanted to talk about it Tuesday, but Loyd withdrew his motion because he says he's more concerned right now with the prosecutors working against him.

On that, apparently, he and his attorneys do agree.

They're claiming a conflict of interest based on the fact that State Attorney Brad King, who was appointed to the case when State Attorney Aramis Ayala refused to pursue the death penalty, could be in a unique position to learn secrets about the defense because he serves on the state's Justice Administrative Commission.

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"This organization is chaired by Brad King, who's a prosecutor in the case. And there's obviously a concern that he's in charge of the commission that provides the funding in this case for my office, for Mr. Marrero's office, for our investigators, for our experts," said defense attorney Roger Weeden.

What they are alleging is that the woman they're using to plan for a potential punishment phase of the trial and to provide mitigation was recently forced to turn over secrets in another case she's working on--secrets the defense claims Brad King could read if he wants to.

The judge decided to consider both issues at a previously scheduled hearing next week.

Last month, Loyd was temporarily moved to the Seminole County Jail as the Florida State Attorney's Office investigated Loyd's claims that Orlando police used excessive force during his arrest following a nine-day manhunt.