• Man suspected in fatal shooting of girlfriend released on bond


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The Orange County man who became the suspect in his girlfriend’s shooting death has been released on bond for a second time.

    John Michael DeJesus initially told investigators three men burst into a home on Millrace Court Wednesday and shot YolizMarie DeJesus Borrero in front of her two children.

    DeJesus has since been named a suspect in the case, and authorities are questioning whether the home invasion even happened.

    The sheriff's office is now saying DeJesus was lying and they believe he killed his girlfriend in front of her two young children.

    Borrero's 4-year-old child may have witnessed the whole incident and could have crucial information in the case, but deputies won't confirm whether the child was able to help them in their investigation.

    Her 4-month old baby, whom she shares with DeJesus, was also in the home during the shooting,

    The day after the killing, DeJesus was arrested on drug charges. He bonded out of jail, but investigators picked him up again Friday morning on weapons charges. He told detectives he used Borrero’s gun to fight off the alleged intruders.

    Authorities said he had a stolen gun, but they won't say if the gun matches the one used to kill Borrero.

    According to the Orange County Corrections Department, DeJesus was  released on a $4,700 bond around 5 a.m. Sunday.

    First-degree murder charges are still expected to be filed against DeJesus, authorities said.

    "Investigators are always sort of opened to other avenues, other possible situations and because of that it led them to believe his story was not true," said Jeff Williamson of the Orange County Sheriff's Office."There was more to investigate, which they did and they've come to this point now. He's going to be charged with additional charges of first-degree murder."

    DeJesus told deputies three men burst into their home and told him they would shoot Borrero if he didn't give them $6,000 he had stored in a safe, authorities said.

    Deputies said DeJesus told them he gave the men money, but that one of the men accidentally shot and killed Borrero before fleeing.

    DeJesus is a known member of the Latin Kings gang.

    Before Borrero was killed, DeJesus posted on her Facebook page that he loved her.

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