• Men robbed, one shot during Sanford robbery


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLA. - Police are searching for two armed robbers in Seminole County who pulled off a hold-up at a home just a couple blocks from the Sanford Police Department.

    Eyewitnesses said one of the two victims at the home on 15th Street did everything the robbers asked him, but they shot him anyway.

    Crime scene analysts are searching for evidence and officers are on the streets looking for the gunmen.

    "They told them to lay down and they laid down and when they laid down, went in both of them pockets. Should’ve went on about their business, they had everything," eyewitness Judy Cain said.

    Police said one victim was shot once in the back. They said they are worried because the place where he was shot could leave him paralyzed.

    "The guys came out the passway. So they came from the back of them and made them lay down. He can't tell you how tall he is. Said (if) he see them again he would know them, but he ain't never seen them before," Cain said.

    Investigators are searching on the ground for the assailants and are getting help from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, with a search in the air.

    Natalie Anderson, the sister of the victim who was not shot, said she never thought this would happen in broad daylight.

    "Never thought it would happen, just getting so bad," Anderson said.

    She said she didn't know why anyone would want to rob her brother.

    He was taken to the Sanford police headquarters to talk to investigators about the robbery and shooting.

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    Men robbed, one shot during Sanford robbery