• Mobile home park residents want I-4 sound barrier wall; Land owner says no


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Sound barrier walls will be installed as part of the Interstate 4 widening project, but Channel 9 has learned not everyone is happy with decision.

    Residents at a mobile home park near the Orange County Sheriff's Office told Channel 9's Racquel Asa they're upset their property owner doesn't want to have the walls installed on his property.

    There are about 54 mobile homes in the plan, which sits off the interstate. If the wall does go up, it would be 14 feet high and 120 feet long, but the residents are upset they might not get it.

    Video: I-4 Sound Barrier Information

    Neighbor David Robinson has learned to drown out the noise since he moved to the park, but he ultimately hears all of the cars, trucks and big-rigs big rigs as they pass.

    Robinson said he supports adding the sound barrier wall when the state widens the roadway in 2015.

    "It's going to make it more comfortable living here because you won't have to deal with that, which makes sense," he said.

    Asa's sound meter registered at 90 decibels as she stood in Robinson's front yard, which was almost as loud a nearby lawnmower.

    Unfortunately for Robinson, residents in the mobile home park don't own the land, so the decision to add the wall is up to the property owners, who already told the state they don't want the wall built.

    "I don't like people making decisions for me, but when you're in this situation, you don't own it," said Robinson.

    The total cost of putting the wall up would cost be $870,000.

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