• Teens accused of beating Daytona Beach boy face judge


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Two teenagers arrested and charged in connection with the beating of a 14-year-old Daytona Beach boy faced a judge Wednesday morning.  

    The teens are accused of kicking and punching the boy after they stole his bicycle last week. The attack was caught on camera.

    Both Michael Tiller-Brown, 13, who police said was seen throwing a chair at the victim, and Dashawn Moody, 16, will spend 21 days in juvenile detention.

    Tiller-Brown's father was in court speaking to the judge and was very adamant about getting his son into therapy and programs to get him on the right track.

    "I can assure you, if you release my son today, I will make sure he'll make every hearing," said Tiller-Brown's father, Michael Tiller-Brown Sr. "I already have, I've been in touch with Magellan in health services to get Michael some therapy scheduled and some counseling."

    Daytona Beach police said five teenagers are responsible for the beating. So far, a total of three arrests have been made, but two others remain at large.

    The victim's mother, Felicia White, is speaking out about what happened.

    "The whole thing disgusts me. I feel bad," said White.

    According to investigators, some of the young men even recorded video of the incident and posted it online. A surveillance camera at the home also caught the beating, police said.

    "It hurts my feelings to see that. It hurts me to imagine someone doing that," said White.

    Detectives arrested Tiller-Brown on Tuesday at his middle school.

    "I was, I was extremely disturbed, extremely disturbed. Because of what the nature of what took place, for these kids to senselessly beat this boy up, and for what?" said Tiller-Brown Sr. "I want to tell the boy's parents, I am sorry. I am so sorry your son went through that."

    The victim's parents said they want to see the five accused teens behind bars.

    "I want them to understand what they did was wrong and wrap their heads around their actions," said White.

    Another teen, 15-year-old Cashaod Williams, is also in custody after being arrested on Monday.

    Investigators said they believe the fight may have been sparked over a Facebook feud.

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