• More than 450 calls made to 911 night of Blue Rhino plant explosion


    While investigators determine what caused the propane explosion in Taveres, Channel 9 found more than 450 calls were made to 911 Monday night shortly after it happened.

    When explosions began happening at the Blue Rhino propane plant late Monday night, hundreds of calls came into the Lake County emergency call center in the first hour, officials said.

    Channel 9 obtained several of the calls, in which frightened residents describe what was happening.

    One caller told the 911 dispatcher that flames were shooting 200 feet in the air.

    "Do you need police or ambulance?" the dispatcher asked.

    "Ambulance, fire trucks, everything," said the called.

    In some of the calls, the explosions can be heard going off in the background.

    "Oh, my God. Oh, my God," the caller can be heard saying.

    A fire broke out at the plant and set off chain-reaction explosions when the 40-pound propane tanks started to ignite, propelling them into the air.

    In all, there were about 53,000 tanks at the facility.

    "It is the Blue Rhino on 448. It is exploding. It is on fire," another caller can be heard saying to dispatchers.

    Investigators from the state Fire Marshal's Office in Orlando and the ATF are still trying to figure out what caused the fiery explosion.

    In all, nine workers were hurt, five critically.

    A city representative told Channel 9 on Thursday there will be discussions and inspections before the plant reopens.

    The city wants the plant to install an automated flooding system to protect three 30,000-gallon propane tanks outside of the facility.

    The ATF said Monday's fire did not jeopardize those tanks.

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    More than 450 calls made to 911 night of Blue Rhino plant explosion