• More than 500 workers evacuated following bomb threat at Melbourne building


    MELBOURNE, Fla. - Investigators said they may have a lead on the person behind the bomb threats that forced 600 people to evacuate a Melbourne business center Tuesday.

    Hundreds of workers poured out of the business center on Babcock Street, after a bomb threat interrupted their workday.

    "I saw a lot of people running out of the building. That's when I said, 'It'stime to get out of here,'"said Jorge Medina.

    Medina said he was trying to wrap up a radio broadcast when coworkers told him it was time to leave.

    Melbourne police said a call was made directly to their department telling them a bomb was left at two local businesses: Percepta and Rockewell Collins.

    Police said the threat was made from a payphone across the street. But they said they don't know who made the call.

    "They said it was a bomb scare for the whole building," said Gretchen Sanford, who had to leave her office during the evacuation.

    Police didn't take any chances. They evacuated several businesses and brought in bomb-sniffing dogs to search the 30,000-square-foot campus for two-and-a-half hours. They said they found nothing.

    "It's been a complete waste of a day," said Medina.

    Police said they are following up on leads on the caller, who could face a felony charge for calling in a false bomb threat.

    Police said they know of no motive for the hoax.

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    More than 500 workers evacuated following bomb threat at Melbourne building

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