• Accused killer's pregnant girlfriend accused of lying to police about gun


    OCOEE, Fla. - The pregnant girlfriend of a murder suspect in Ocoee is charged with lying to police, authorities said.

    Bessman Okafor is accused of trying to kill witnesses, who were set to testify against him.

    Police said Sherria Gordon lied to them about a gun that may have been used in the execution-style shooting of Alex Zaldivar.

    The 19-year-old was killed, and a brother and sister were seriously injured.

    Gordon’s mother said she doesn’t know why her daughter bought a gun.

    “I told her that at the place we was living, at that time, we didn’t need a gun,” explained Lisa Smith, Gordon’s mother. “I don’t know why she bought it.”

    Authorities said when police asked Gordon where her gun was, she said it was hidden beneath a tile in her house.

    However, when police went to her home with a search warrant, they found that her floor was concrete, with linoleum on top.

    Smith said Gordon and Okafor have a 6-year-old child together and their next child is due in December.

    “If the charges are not true, I want them to be dropped and I want my child to go on with her life,” Smith said. “If the charges are true, my daughter needs to pay the consequences.”

    Gordon is expected to be released on home confinement, once a land line telephone is set up.  

    Last week, Okafor’s mother was arrested for allegedly trying to bribe the witnesses.

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