• More than 40% of people work outside their normal job for additional income, study says

    By: Jeff Deal


    With the holidays right around the corner, many residents are considering a second gig to earn more cash.

    "I'm bouncing from place to place and I ride to each job," said Zachary Leverenz, who delivers sandwiches as well as working at Starbucks and a local restaurant.

    The website Bankrate posted a study showing more than 40% of people do something to make cash outside their regular job.

    A third of those people reported they needed to make extra money to make ends meet.

    "Most people I know have more than one job because it's a necessity," said Leverenz.

    While some work extra jobs for additional income, others said they have to work extra jobs due to the rising costs of housing.

    The National Low Income Housing Coalition ranked Orlando as the worst place in the country for affordable housing. 

    The coalition said part of Orlando's worst ranking on affordable housing was because nearly 1,000 people move to Central Florida each week.

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