• Morris the cat rescued from Glass Bank building


    COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Channel 9 learned Friday that Morris the Glass Bank cat in Cocoa Beach will be relocated.

    Morris was rescued earlier this week after he was spotted sitting along the window sills of the soon-to-be demolished Glass Bank building.

    Morris is a short tailed Manx that surely would have been killed when the old eyesore comes down in a few months.

    "I would like to officially proclaim today as Morris the Glass Bank Cat Day," said Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom. 

    Morris was brought out a bit frightened to meet the press by an attorney whose daughter convinced him Morris must be saved.

    "My daughter would not leave me alone about this," said Tony Hernandez. "She wanted me to assure her that the cat was going to be saved."

    The plea paid off when Hernandez teamed up with the Purrs and Whiskers cat shelter to lure Morris into a humane trap.

    Fernandez knew about the cat because he'd seen it from his office near the parking lot of the Glass Bank. Others could see Morris sitting along the windows on the fourth floor of the building.

    "He was emotionally scared, a little shocked," said Hernandez. "He was healthy. We did take him to Clearlake Animal Hospital where he was neutered and vaccinated and tested."

    Unfortunately, Morris, despite his looks, is not suitable for adoption, officials said, so he'll be taken to a feral cat colony in the county where he'll join others like him.

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