Mother describes 'miracle' birth at Merritt Island gas station

Nearly two weeks ago, Brittany Beyer was in labor and wasn't going to make it to the hospital in time, so her husband pulled over at a Speedway gas station in Merritt Island to plead for help.
Javier Soto, wearing scrubs and about to be on his way to Weusthoff Medical Center in Rockledge to deliver a baby, happened to be pumping gas when Beyer and her husband pulled up.
"I was just pumping gas here and this guy (asks), 'Are you a medical professional?'" Soto said. 
Beyer was crowning and Soto rushed over to help deliver the baby.
Soto had the scrubs, but no gloves or scissors to cut the umbilical cord.
As luck would have it, gas station employees were able to help out, Beyer said.
"He had gotten (the gloves) at the gas station, the ones they used to make food," she said. "He got the gloves and scissors at the gas station."
About five minutes later, Michael James was born, and Beyer's husband was even able to cut the umbilical cord.
Once an ambulance arrived, Soto had to rush off to deliver another baby at the hospital.
Beyer credited Soto, who also happened to be her prenatal provider, with getting her through the unusual birth.
"A lot more could have gone wrong if he wasn't there," she said. "It was a miracle."
The baby developed a lung infection and had to be taken to a different hospital for care.
Beyer was hopeful that he will be discharged this weekend.






"The worst part is not having him there," she said. "Most mothers get to bring them home, and I didn't get to do that. He's been in the hospital since (his birth) and it's hard for me because I just want my son home."  

The couple have established a Go Fund Me page to help cover Mikey's medical expenses.