Infant, father killed in Altamonte Springs crash

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — A crash involving multiple vehicles left a father and baby boy dead Friday.

Investigators said an elderly woman drove her car into the back of another car at the intersection of State Road 436 and State Road 434 in Altamonte Springs, killing the infant and the child's father.

A tractor-trailer and three other vehicles were also involved in the crash.

Photos: Seminole County fatal crash 

"I just got hit from the rear, and several other cars got hit as well. I am just hoping that, praying for the families who were in the car behind me, who had the most damage," said driver Derrick Black.

Black was at the intersection. His car was also hit.

“My first thought was, ‘I hope and pray they are OK.’ And the second thought was, 'Thank God, I’m alive,’” he said.

Investigators said they do not know what caused the crash.

Frank Runnels said he was driving to work when the car that caused the crash just missed him.

"It just shot, sped, past us at an amazing rate of speed and just plowed into that tan car with the baby, the young family," he said.

An off-duty firefighter, out for a jog, was first on the scene. A short time later, paramedics arrived and took the infant and the child's parents to the hospital.

Truck driver Mario Weaver has been on the roads for eight years and couldn’t recall an accident this bad.

“That’s very, very hard because that could have been my child,” he said.

Investigators have not released the names of those involved in the accident.

The baby’s mother and someone from another vehicle were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Five cars were damaged in all.

Southbound State Road 434 was closed for several hours but reopened shortly before 6 p.m.

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