• New billboards aim to help sexual assault victims


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The Victim Service Center of Central Florida is starting its biggest push to get help for victims.

    Billboards will be going up across central Florida in Orange and Osceola counties letting sexual abuse victims know how to get help.

    "We want to reach more people," said Lui Damiani, director of the Victim Service Center.

    Damiani said the billboard campaign is the biggest in the organization's 15-year history.

    "When there's a need for our services, people will know who to call," said Damiani.

    Victim Rachel said the Victim Service Center has given her support to recover from a kidnapping and sexual assault in 2007.

    "They pretty much gave me back the beginnings of my life," said Rachel.

    Law enforcement agencies are the main connection between victims and the agency, and first responders carry information cards to hand out.

    But Damiani said many crimes go unreported, and those victims often suffer in silence. The billboards are an effort to break that barrier.

    "The number of billboards will be anywhere from 12 to 15, moving around the counties on a rotational basis," said Damiani.

    The group said the billboards are projected to reach 1.5 million people on a weekly basis.


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