• New details, witness interviews released in Casselberry salon shootings


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLA. - Casselberry police have released 911 calls and recorded statements from witnesses who were at the scene of a deadly salon shooting last Thursday.

    New reports reveal how Bradford Baumet opened fire at the salon on Semoran Boulevard, killing three women last Thursday.

    The newly released police reports reveal Baumet had caused problems there before.

    A 911 call in Spanish shows the women called for help and locked the salon door on Oct. 5.

    Police said Baumet tried to break in earlier in October but was unsuccessful. They believe he came prepared with a tire iron to break the glass to get in if necessary.

    Katherine Batista, who was in the salon with her mother, spoke to police less than two hours after the shootings.

    "So then he just came and said, 'OK, everybody get down on the ground,' and I was down on the ground and he just shot," said Batista.

    Batista told police how she begged for her mother's life.

    "I heard two more shots, and it just was like, 'Please, don't take my mom.' I didn't know if she was alive or dead," said Batista.

    Batista told police that before the shooting Baumet kept calling the salon, trying to talk to ex-girlfriend Marcia Santiago, who he later shot.

    She told police he suddenly he arrived at the salon and went straight for salon owner Eugenia Marte.

    "So she's like, 'Please don't do this, don't do this,' and he said, 'You're the first one I want to get because you didn't answer the (expletive) phone,'" said Batista. "Then Marte was talking to him. As she was talking he just shot her in the head, and she fell and then he shot the worker that was doing my mom's hair and then he shot my mom in the head," said Batista.

    Other salon customers later told police that during the ordeal they hid in back rooms and behind equipment, fearing for their lives.

    Lana Beausejour was inside the salon when the gunman came in.

    "Then I saw the gun on top of her, then I ran … well not really ran, but turned around, pulled the dryer in front of me and laid down behind it," Beausejour said.

    Surveillance video from a nearby MetroPCS store shows Baumet walk by and toward the salon.

    Juan Diaz was working inside the phone store.

    "We heard like, four gunshots and I jumped over the counter," Diaz said.

    New photos obtained by Eyewitness News show holes in the walls after Baumet opened fire and sent a bullet crashing through the salon walls into the MetroPCS store, right behind Diaz' seat.

    A moment later, he said he saw Baumet run the other way, carrying a gun.

    "It's pretty scary, it's like a movie … it's like from a movie," Diaz said.

    Diaz and others headed next door, where they found three women already dead. They said Baumet's ex-girlfriend, Marcia Santiago, was still fighting for her life.

    "We put pressure on the one hole and this hole and I see there's another hole right here and we're trying to put pressure on that and she started breathing more ... like hyperventilating," said Elizabeth Sullivan, a witness.

    WFTV learned Tuesday that Baumet could be connected to the slaying of Roberto Colon in Orlando, because he drove Colon's stolen car to this location. The two live directly across the street from each other.

    Santiago remains hospitalized in critical condition.

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    New details, witness interviews released in Casselberry salon shootings