• Man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman bonds out of jail


    LAKE MARY, Fla. - The man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman bonded out of jail Saturday afternoon.

    Channel 9 was there as Matthew Apperson walked out of the Seminole County Jail. He had no comment.

    A judge set a $35,000 bond for Apperson earlier in the day and ordered him to turn in any guns to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office within 24 hours of his release, and to have no contact with Zimmerman.

    "I don't care whether you've been shopping at Publix for two hours and have a full cart of groceries or whatever. You see Mr. Zimmerman walking through that door, you're the one that has to leave," the judge said.

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    Apperson turned himself in to police Friday and was booked into Seminole County jail about 8:30 p.m.

    "I am relieved the facts have once again exonerated George, " Zimmerman's brother told Channel 9's Ryan Hughes.

    Arrest papers said Apperson had a fixation on Zimmerman, and it was that fixation that led Apperson to point his gun at Zimmerman on Monday and open fire.

    Zimmerman told police the two yelled at each other after Apperson apparently noticed him in traffic on Lake Mary Boulevard.

    Zimmerman called him a clown and sped off, but not before Apperson allegedly shot once.

    The bullet flew close to Zimmerman’s head, shattering a window and sending shards of glass all over him.

    Police said Zimmerman flagged down an officer to report the shooting, and while that was happening, Apperson called 911.

    According to the police report, two handguns – a .40-caliber and a .357 revolver – were recovered from Apperson's vehicle.

    An expended .357 shell was found in the vehicle.

    Police also recovered a gun from Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman's attorney, Don West, said Tuesday that the former neighborhood watch volunteer had moved several weeks ago and was settling in to his new home.

    Zimmerman came back to the area this week for Mother's Day and was driving to a doctor's appointment when he became involved in the shooting with Apperson, authorities said.

    According to police, Apperson said to officers, “I hope I got him this time,” in September. The two clashed at the time, but Apperson declined to press charges.

    During Monday’s incident, Apperson allegedly told Zimmerman, “You remember me, you (expletive)?”

    Zimmerman looked back and did not recognize Apperson, reports said.

    Apperson then said, “You owe me your life. The only reason I didn’t press charges on you is because I wanted to kill you myself.”

    Channel 9 spoke to Apperson’s mother’s attorney on Friday. “Ms. White absolutely loves her son. She’s a fantastic woman. Very honest. There’s no one trying to hide any balls here,” said Lyle Mazin.

    Apperson’s mother hired an attorney, because she was told to give statements to police about the incident.

    The suspect's lawyer, Mark NeJame, released a statement which read, "The case will proceed through the criminal justice system appropriately, and ultimately, a determination will be made as what truly happened. Mr. Apperson will continue not to comment until such time as it may be deemed appropriate."

    NeJame said that statements were taken from Apperson and Zimmerman, and police determined Apperson would be arrested.

    A warrant was issued, and Apperson quickly turned himself in to law enforcement.

    NeJame claims his client fired the gun in self-defense.

    "He saw George Zimmerman handling a gun and brandishing that gun and (it put) Mr. Apperson in fear for his life," NeJame said.

    Zimmerman’s lawyer Don West disputes that claim.

    "George absolutely denies having shown it, waved, displayed, pointed it," West said.

    Zimmerman suffered minor injuries from flying glass and debris.

    Both Apperson's and Zimmerman's weapons were being carried legally, authorities said.

    Apperson is scheduled to appear in court June 23.

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