• New management, with help of law officials, to clean up PDQ apartments


    ORLANDO, Fla. - New owners are taking over the Washington Shores Village apartments on Jacobs Place in Orlando.

    It's one of several complexes taken over by Fannie Mae once managed by PDQ, which went under.

    The Critical Intervention Service, a team of law enforcement, went door-to-door Tuesday working with the residents to make it safer for families.

    "We barely sleep at night. They be shooting, arguing, fighting," said 13-year-old Amaya Harden, who lives in the crime-riddled complex.

    CIS will provide 24-hour security for hundreds of apartments where some struggling families said they are trying to improve their lives.

    "(There are) open alcohol, drugs, violent acts. People getting hurt," said Casey Poulin of CIS.

    Mahmoud Abdelmohty of CIS said residents are not getting kicked out.

    "These people are not getting kicked out?" asked WFTV's Jorge Estevez.

    "No. We will find out who the problems residents are; the drug dealers, the gangmembers," Abdelmohty  said.

    "They go?" asked Estevez.

    "Yes," AbdelMohty said.

    With the help of the Orlando Police Department, new management will correct years of damage, from picking up garbage to getting rid of mildew.

    "This community is bad for kids my age, younger, older." Harden said.

    Another immediate change to the complex is the mobile command center. The CIS team said they are committed to stay until they feel they have the apartment complex under control.

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    New management, with help of law officials, to clean up PDQ apartments