• New Sanford pedal buses to serve beer, wine


    SANFORD, Fla. - Sanford is the next central Florida city planning to bring in pedal buses, but theirs will be slightly different than the ones coming to Daytona Beach.

    Sanford's pedal bus would look exactly the same, but they'll be serving alcohol on them, unlike the ones in Daytona.

    The pedal buses seat up to 15 people who are required to sit down and pedal to get the vehicle moving.

    The one in Sanford would allow patrons to pedal around downtown, where the speed limit is less than 30 mph.

    Bus owner Steve Tishman already runs the Daytona Beach operation, and he's excited to get Sanford rolling.

    "It would be different, at least we hope, in Sanford as the ordinance is currently written and we hope will be passed we will be able to allow both beer and wine to be served while you're riding," said Tishman.

    Channel 9 contacted the Police Department and a spokesperson said they'll see how it goes during a trial period. A safeguard put in place means only beer and wine will be served and no glassware.

    No one under 21 is allowed on board either when alcohol is served, authorities said.

    Theo Hollerbach, who owns the largest independent business on the block, the Willow Tree, doesn't think the pedal buses should get an alcohol exception.

    Hollerbach said he's been open to changing the open container laws for years, so he plans to push the city to extend the special exemption to everyone.

    "It would be great if our city could change their ordinance to accommodate open containers during some reasonable hours so guests can enjoy that experience the same way they can at Disney," he said.

    City staff will present the idea to council members on Monday. The public will get a chance to weigh in for the council makes a final decision later this month.

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    New Sanford pedal buses to serve beer, wine