• New video shows OPD officer hit pedestrian, leave scene


    ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV obtained more video Friday that shows an Orlando police officer hitting a pedestrian with his squad car.

    Police will only say he's under criminal investigation, but Officer Michael Fiorentino-Tyburski is still allowed to patrol the streets.

    It's been almost three months since the pedestrian was hit at Hughey Avenue in downtown Orlando.

    An investigator concluded in January that the officer was at fault for leaving the scene.

    The video shows the victim, Tetris Nunn, rolling over Orlando patrol car No. 8128 with Fiorentino-Tyburski behind the wheel.

    On Friday, Channel 9 obtained the 911 calls and radio transmissions in the case. On the radio transmission, Fiorentino-Tyburski can be heard dodging questions his own department was asking him.

    Iris camera video shows Fiorentino-Tyburski get out and talk with the victim for about four minutes, during which time he radioed that he had stopped, but did not explain why.

    "Can you show me a 10-8 flag down at Hughey and Washington?" Fiorentino-Tyburski can be heard saying, which means the officer doesn't exactly know what the situation is yet.

    Then, Fiorentino-Tyburski left Nunn down on the sidewalk without calling in the accident. About 12 minutes later, an OPD dispatcher starts asking Fiorentino-Tyburski questions on the radio.

    "Are you in a marked or unmarked?" the dispatcher asks.

    "Uh, I'm in a marked car," Fiorentino-Tyburski responds.

    "Ten-four. We just got a caller for a Signal 4 at Hughey and Washington and we're just trying to figure out if that was you," the dispatcher said.

    "I'm not there anymore. Who called it in?" asked Fiorentino-Tyburski.

    "Signal 4" is code for a crash and it was the victim who called it in on an witness' cellphone. He said the officer hit him and left the scene.

    "Did the officer say he was coming back or why did he leave if he hit you?" asked the operator.

    "Uh, he just hit me and, you know what I'm saying, he was, he blamed it on me and he just took off," said the victim.

    Nunn told dispatcher he didn't need medical attention but said he was hurting. However, a witness called for an ambulance, saying Nunn had open wounds on his leg.

    "When the officer hit him with his car, kind of like more than a tap. It did break some skin, so he'll probably need to have his knee looked at," the eyewitness said.

    The iris video shows Nunn never got up from the sidewalk until the ambulance came to take him to the hospital.

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