• New York-based company stands to receive $150K in incentives for Orlando expansion


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A New York-based company could receive $150,000 in tax dollars from Orlando leaders on Tuesday, to expand in the city.

    The state agreed to give a half-million dollars when TravelClick expanded in Orange County two years ago and the company could cash in on local tax incentives as long as it holds up its end of the bargain to create 252 high-paying jobs.

    The company was considering closing its Orange County office to move to the edge of Parramore in the Hughes Supply Building.

    Monday, Orlando commissioners will decide if they will pick up Orange County's $150,000 tax incentive tab.

    "It's absolutely corporate welfare," said Phil Cowherd, a second-generation property owner and property manager in Parramore.

    He said the money could be better invested.

    "I think it is interesting that we're talking about giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to evidently a successful business, and we know they could take a similar amount of money and invest it in a few cameras in Parramore and increase the quality of life, and the tax base and the value of the neighborhood greatly," Cowherd said.

    Even though city staff members recommended the city give away $150,000 in tax dollars, they refused to talk about the deal until after the city council approved it.

    WFTV reporter Lori Brown tried to find out how many jobs TravelClick created since it moved its Orange County Office, but no one with the company would respond and the state said it was still reviewing the company's claim.

    TravelClick said it needed to find more office space because it just acquired another local company.

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