• Newly formed Central Florida Expressway chooses chairman


    ORLANDO, Fla. - On Thursday, the newly formed board of the Central Florida Expressway Authority met for the first time and chose a chairman.

    Walter Ketcham, who asked prosecutors to investigate possible corruption within the agency, is out as chairman for now. Ketcham called for an investigation, which led to charges against two former board members, a former state representative and his girlfriend, a former Florida Department of Transportation employee.

    On Thursday, Ketcham was one vote short to remain chairman after Mayor Teresa Jacobs nominated him.

    "I think it would be beneficial to stay the course and as I said, I think he's done an outstanding job and he understands how this process works," said Jacobs.

    "I have tried to do the right thing," said Ketcham.

    But some new board members wanted their chairman to be an elected official. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer was also nominated.

    The winner needed five votes, but Ketcham only got four while Dyer got three.

    Jacobs then nominated longtime Lake County Commissioner Welton Cadwell, who won unanimously.

    Cadwell got a laugh earlier when addressing cynics who think more elected officials on the board will mean even more corruption. 

    "We know you're talking about us behind our backs. We get it, we get it, but we're going to prove you wrong," he said.

    Cadwell will be chair at least until Gov. Rick Scott chooses his three appointees, which may be a while.

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    Newly formed Central Florida Expressway chooses chairman