• No bail for ex-NFL player shot by police during domestic dispute


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A former New York Giants football player appeared in court on Tuesday about a month after he was shot by two police officers after they responded to a domestic dispute at a home in Daytona Beach.

    Police said they heard screams from inside the Magnolia Avenue home and kicked their way in after getting the disturbance call in late September.

    Once inside, officers said they found Jermaine Green, 32, holding his girlfriend, Katrina Johnson, at knife point. Police said Green refused to put the knife down and raised it as if he was going to stab Johnson.

    That's when officers opened fire, shooting Green and striking Johnson in the process.

    Green underwent surgery and continues to recover. Johnson's injuries were non-life-threatening.

    During the short standoff, the officers had body cameras recording the scene. The video shows Green on his back, holding Johnson from behind and bringing the knife downward in a stabbing motion. The officers opened fire multiple times, hitting both Green and Johnson.

    On Tuesday, prosecutors argued the video proved Green was still too dangerous to be out on the streets. The judge ruled to keep Green in jail.

    But Green's attorney countered, saying his client needed physical therapy and was incapable of hurting anyone in his current state.

    Green's family was also in court. Even after watching the video, they told Channel 9 they still believe the officers didn't have to shoot Green.

    "What if he would have stabbed her?" asked Channel 9's Blaine Tolison.

    "He wouldn't have," said Green's cousin, Andrew Harper. "He wouldn't have. Like my auntie said, 'If he really wanted to kill that girl, he could have killed her before they even got on the scene.'"

    Johnson briefly testified Tuesday saying she is still in fear for her life.

    After seeing the video, the judge decided Green should stay in jail, denying him bond. Green's trial is now set for January.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still trying to determine whether the Daytona Beach police officers who shot Greene should be cleared.

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    No bail for ex-NFL player shot by police during domestic dispute