• Affordable Care Act experts will not be allowed in Fla. Department of Health


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - If you're confused about the Affordable Care Act, you won't get any answers from central Florida health departments.

    That's because people who are hired to answer your questions won't be allowed to work there.

    Critics told Channel 9's Mark Joyella it's just another way Gov. Rick Scott is blocking the president's plan for national health care.

    Change is confusing, and the government wants the Affordable Care Act to come with plenty of help.

    When the online health care marketplace opens in October, you'll be able to go to a CVS drugstore and find a trained expert who can answer your questions.

    The government's given Florida nearly $8 million in grants to train "navigators" people who will find Florida's uninsured and help guide them through enrollment.

    Finding navigators may be harder than in other states.

    Scott's raised concerns about the experts.

    The Florida Department of Health has sent a memo telling health departments navigators will not be allowed to do their work in health department facilities.

    "We're still going to be partnering with these folks, we're still going to have the materials we're still going to have the information we're still going to get people connected to this health care if they need it," said Dain Weister with the Orange County Health Department.

    While no navigators will be in the Health Department, they will be allowed in community health clinics, like one adjacent to the Health Department.

    A former Health Department chief in Pasco County has blasted the state's decision on navigators.

    Dr. Marc Yacht said the policy will keep Floridians who need health care from getting it, calling it "cruel and unusual."

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