• Ocoee officer accused of sex on the job could lose certification


    OCOEE, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned former Ocoee Officer Shaun Whiting is accused of using department resources in an illicit affair and even making a substation a hot spot for his sex acts.

    Whiting resigned before the department could discipline him, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now planning to revoke his certification, which means he could never be a cop in Florida again.

    WFTV's Kenneth Craig obtained the investigation documents, which say the husband of the woman Whiting was having an affair with went to the Police Department for answers.

    According to the investigation, Whiting didn't want anyone to find out about the affair, so he quit this summer before an internal investigation was about to begin.

    Documents say that Whiting, who is married, met the woman on a call for service at a grocery store. The report says the two began exchanging emails and started talking.

    The woman later told police she booked a hotel room and told the officer to come by while on-duty.

    But since Whiting had to be accounted for, the woman claimed he told her to call 911 and hang up. The report shows the officer was then dispatched to the hotel so he could carry out the affair.

    But things apparently didn't end there, the documents say.

    According to documents, the woman later requested a ride-along with Whitiing, and the department approved it.

     Investigators said the two rode around together and eventually ended up at a police substation, where the woman performed a sex act on Whiting during work hours while he was in uniform.

    The case is set to go before FDLE in three weeks, and they are expected to revoke Whiting's certification.

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