• Ocoee police post red light runners videos on YouTube


    OCOEE, Fla. - WFTV obtained new video that shows exactly why the city of Ocoee put up red light cameras.

    Cameras watch four different intersections along Colonial Drive and Clarke Road, and more cameras are expected in the coming months.

    With dramatic rock music playing in the background, Ocoee police have unveiled a new take on the red light camera -- the red light runner spotlight.

    They have produced a 3 1/2-minute look at some of the most obvious and dangerous red light runs in the last year. The video includes car crashes, near misses and even a motorcycle running a red light.

    "I see people crossing the white line, not really paying attention to pedestrians," said Blake VanVoorhies.

    VanVoorhies who spends time spinning advertising signs at one of the worst intersections.

    He's witnessed two accidents while working. "Do you feel like doing this you need to watch your back?" WFTV reporter Steve Barrett asked VanVoorhies.

    "Yes, I've dropped the sign a few times and turned around and, 'Oh, there's a semi,'" said VanVoorhies.

    Drivers get a ticket when one of the red light cameras captures them running a red light but Ocoee police wonder if posting that video on YouTube might prove effective in deterring violators.

    Derrick Andrews owns his own pool service and said he sees plenty of danger on area roads.

    He said he sees a second benefit to the videos.

    "Seeing things like that on YouTube, people realize the dangers of going through a red light, but visually seeing it, it will maybe deter people a little more, so I think it's a good idea," said Andrews.

    Police said that's what they are hoping for -- embarrassment for the violators and a lesson for the online viewer.

    "If it stops you doing it and it saves lives, it's good," said Andrews. Ocoee's first red light cameras went online in 2009.

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