• Officials: Orange County tax preparer falsified tax forms

    By: Jason Kelly , Jeff Deal


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A 43-year-old Orange County tax preparer prepared fraudulent tax returns to secure larger refunds for his clients, the Internal Revenue Service said.

    Andy Bosch "acquired and maintained his client base by preparing fraudulent tax returns that had high refund amounts for his clients," investigators said.

    Officials said they believe he had been preparing taxes for clients since 2012 before opening Bosch Business Group near Rouse Road and East Colonial Drive.

    Investigators said he landed one client a tax refund of almost $10,000 when he should have owed the IRS $12 by reducing the taxpayer's taxable income from more than $80,000 to almost $52,000.

    Tony Frezza, an enrolled agent and certified financial planner at ATI Professional Services, said such operations are common.

    "We call them the bucket shops," he said. "People just do returns, and they're out to get the biggest refund -- not necessarily within the limits of the law."

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    Investigators said Bosch secured the refunds by reporting bogus charitable donations and fraudulent business, medical and educational expenses.

    Officials interviewed eight of Bosch's clients, each of whom said they didn't give him permission to falsify documents.

    One of his alleged victims told Channel 9 that he was audited by the IRS and had to pay a penalty. He told investigators that he felt "duped."

    "Unfortunately, if it's wrong, you're on the hook," Frezza said. "You're going to be liable for the taxes as well as possible penalties."

    Frezza advises customers to review their tax returns before signing and submitting them.

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    "If it doesn't smell right, you know, look it over, ask questions," he said. "Don't just sign because somebody (else) did (them)."

    A woman who told Channel 9 that Bosch prepared her taxes several times said she didn't experience issues with her tax refund.

    Channel 9 first reported about Bosch last year when he was arrested after officials said he brought home a 12-year-old girl from the Philippines to have sex with her.

    Bosch is expected to accept a plea bargain in both cases.

    A plea hearing in the child enticement and coercion case is scheduled for Thursday. Bosch faces a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life in prison in that case.

    Click here for the IRS' tips on choosing a tax preparer. Click here to report fraud or misconduct.

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