• ‘One cast and done': Gator gets loose in Chicago, city calls in Florida expert to track it down

    By: Sarah Wilson


    CHICAGO, Ill. - An alligator nicknamed “Chance the Snapper” got loose in a Chicago park for a week. With one cast, a Florida man nicknamed “Alligator Bob” reeled the gator in, wrapping up the city’s reptilian spectacle.

    Alligator Bob, whose real name is Frank Robb, and Chance the Snapper appeared at a press conference together Tuesday to tell the tale of the capture. One of them donned a bow tie, the other a baseball cap.

    Robb, of Brevard County, told reporters trapping gators is his life calling.

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    “Everybody’s got different blessings. This is my blessing. It’s what I’ve spent every day of my life doing for the past 24 years,” he said.

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    He said he waited until Humboldt Park Lagoon was dark and quiet. 

    Armed with a flashlight and a fishing rod, he looped around the park’s retention pond eight times looking for a flash of the gator’s eyes in the darkness. When it happened, all it took was one cast to hook Chance the Snapper and wrestle him into duct-taped submission.

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    Neither party was harmed in the takedown.

    “We couldn’t have hoped for anything more,” Robb said.

    “It was a one cast and done.”

    The mayor of Chicago said the gator is expected to be relocated to a more natural habitat.

    Robb said the 5-foot gator was the first he’s ever caught outside of Florida.

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