OPD: No body-cam video from 3 officers who fatally shot unarmed man at ORMC

ORLANDO, Fla. — There is no body-worn camera footage from the three officers who fatally shot an unarmed man who was making threats Monday in the emergency room at Orlando Regional Medical Center, the Orlando Police Department said Tuesday.

"He made a motion that is consistent with pulling a firearm, and he was shot and killed by three officers," Orlando police Chief John Mina said during a news conference Monday.

Channel 9 learned Tuesday that one of the officers who shot Baker is a K-9 officer who was not issued a body-worn camera.

Another of the officers is a member of the SWAT team. Officials said he was wearing a body camera, but it was covered by his gear.

The third officer had a body-worn camera, but the battery had died, police said.

In August, Citizens' Police Review Board member Caila Coleman raised concerns about unrecorded cases that were brought before the board for review. %



"I really hope we don't have any more of these issues, because I am starting to lose trust," she said.

The agency said it upgraded the body-worn cameras to ones with a 10-hour battery life, but one of the officers who shot Baker on Monday was ending a 12-hour shift when a 911 call was made.

OPD said it doesn't expect that to affect the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation.

"There were other officers with body-worn cameras on (the) scene, and there is video of the shooting," an OPD spokesman said.

Officials said several officers have been disciplined since the cameras were first issued less than one year ago and more officers could be disciplined in the future if any rules are violated.