Opening for Majesty Building to be delayed once again

Owner of the Majesty building partly blames outside construction projects for another delay

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — The opening date for a building that is believed to be the tallest between Jacksonville and Orlando has once again been pushed back.

Majesty Building officials told Channel 9 that nearby construction in front of the building is the reason for the delay, citing how the ongoing I-4 Ultimate Project is impacting access.

It remains unknown when construction for the Altamonte Springs building will be completed.

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"The only commitments we made in the beginning was that we were going to pay as we go and move in debt-free," said Claud Bowers, the president of SuperChannel 55 and owner of the building.

The construction has been going on for about 18 years, with Bowers claiming of a move-in date of 8-12 months in June of 2018.

"I didn't understand at that time," Bowers said. "I didn't understand the dynamics of the impact the construction on the interstate Ultimate Project and on Central Parkway would have."

Channel 9 was able to get a tour of the building's progress, and was able to capture people working diligently to finish the project.

While an expansive balcony that overlooks the city is completed, Bowers wouldn't commit to giving a completion date for the rest of the building.

"It's not feasible, it's not practical," Bowers said. "Why would you want to finish a building with the kind of activity we have going on around the building that we don't control?"

Bowers told Channel 9 he thanks the public for the patience throughout.