• Orange City councilman accused of sending racy emails on city-issued iPad cleared


    ORANGE CITY, Fla. - An Orange City councilman has been cleared of an ethics complaint Thursday.

    Tom Abraham was accused of sending sexually suggestive emails on his city-issued iPad.

    Abraham said he thinks he never did anything wrong.

    "I am very happy that it has come to an end. All's well that ends well, Shakespeare said," Orange City councilman Abraham said.

    Abraham, Orange City's District 3 council member, was eager to speak Thursday.

    The Florida Commission on Ethics just dismissed a complaint filed against him following a series of racy emails and pictures found on his city issued iPad

    "There was no policy prohibiting a council member from using the iPad. There should be a policy in place before they acted in any way," Abraham said.

    Last year, when Abraham had overages on his iPad, the city manager found pictures on it. One picture included a racial slur, others had comments about women and their anatomy.

    In another email, Abraham pondered when he would "soon mate" with an underage girl.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement even investigated but did not find anything criminal. FDLE referred the case to the ethics commission.

    Abraham has referred to the emails as cultural jokes that were not serious.

    "Nobody should be policing thoughts unless there is a national security issue behind. These were mere imagination and freedom of speech," Abraham said.

    Abraham had his city-issued iPad taken away and now carries a personal iPad. He said he will not apologize for his actions, even to those who believe he acted inappropriately.

    "To those folks I want to say that they have a right to express themselves in America," Abraham said.

    Another former council member, Paul Rosch, told Eyewitness News Thursday that he has stopped his effort to try and get Abraham kicked off the council.

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