• Orange City councilman under fire over sexually suggestive emails


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange City councilman says he did nothing wrong when he sent offensive and sexually suggestive emails from his city-issued iPad.

    Tom Abraham's emails contained photos he took of women without their knowledge that contained crude comments about their appearance.

    Some of the emails also used racially offensive language.

    Now people in the community are calling for his resignation.

    "I don't think I should resign or any other council member in this kind of a situation should not resign," said Abraham.

    Abraham fired back at the public's calls for him to step down as a leader.

    "Do you think that that's behavior for a city councilman?" WFTV's Blaine Tolison asked.

    "It is not inappropriate thing because it is legally permitted in the United States of America," said Abraham.

    Many of the pictures are of women unknowingly photographed in public. Abraham emailed the pictures to a friend with suggestive comments about their physiques.

    He said he just got carried away.

    "They're thoughts are like the eagle, you know, they're going one mile, one mile high," said Abraham.

    The pictures came to light when the Orange City manager requested a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation after word there was possibly pornography on Abraham's iPad. FDLE found nothing criminal, but now the photos are out in the open and raising questions.

    "Nobody is right or wrong. People are emotionally using words in America. That's what I'm telling," said Abraham.

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