• Orange Co. commissioner wants public safety director Linda Weinberg fired


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Eyewitness News investigation into Orange County's home confinement could force a top leader out of office.

    Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer said Thursday he wants the county public safety director fired.

    It all has to do with the Alex Zaldivar murder case.

    Channel 9 went to the Orange County administration office to talk to Deputy Orange County administrator and Public Safety Director Linda Weinberg and Mayor Teresa Jacobs about the call for Weinberg's firing.

    The office said the mayor is on vacation and that neither her spokespeople nor Weinberg would talk to WFTV about it.

    The father of the teenager allegedly murdered by Bessman Okafor, who was on home confinement at the time of the murder, is calling for the firing of Weinberg, who oversees the jail.

    Brummer agrees, all because of what's in an investigative report from County Professional Standards.

    "That person has to be a good manager. Has to ask the questions, listen to concerns; has to make sure the manager of the corrections division is managing," Brummer said.

    Weinberg said she was not aware of any issues with the county's home confinement program until this year.

    A report shows last September, one or two days after Zaldivar's son Alex was slain, Jail spokesman Allen Moore called Weinberg and told her Channel 9 was asking for Okafor's home confinement records and that law enforcement was looking at them.

    Moore wanted to know whether he could release the records.

    Moore said Thursday that Weinberg never asked why there was so much focus on Okafor's home confinement or whether there were any issues she needed to know about.

    "Bells should go off," Brummer said.

    The records were not released to Channel 9 last year at the request of homicide investigators.

    After a Channel 9 investigation this year, the jail and the county did separate investigations leading to the resignations of the two top corrections managers and recommendations of discipline against several other employees.

    Those records Channel 9 asked for showed Okafor had as many as 109 curfew violations, all of which went ignored.

    Many more violation alerts involve many more defendants that also went ignored.

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