• Fistfights between Orange County middle schoolers upset mother


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County mother is frustrated after videos of middle school students fighting emerged on the Internet.

    The mom of a Meadow Woods middle-schooler said the fights are taking place near campus in south Orange County, and said her child is staying home until Orange County Public Schools resolves the situation.

    Two middle-schoolers are seen in the video on YouTube punching each other in the chest and face. At one point, the two even wrestle to the ground, the smaller of the two taking a brutal bashing. A group of kids in the video egg them on instead of breaking them up.

    Their parents may not even know they've been fighting even though the videos have been watched hundreds of times online.

    Channel 9 learned deputies even had to break up one of the fights last week.

    The Sheriff’s Office said unless a fight happens on school grounds, all they have to do is break it up.

    Since the two boys in the video were "willing participants" they didn't even have to call their parents.

    "They're finding it funny, they laugh at it. Children shouldn't be laughing about brutality and violence," said the mom, who didn't want to be identified.

    She's afraid her child could be targeted at Meadow Woods Middle.

    She called Channel 9 after learning the fights are taking place off-campus, but suspects they're being planned at school.

    The school district did not say if anyone is investigating.

    "Are we going to wait until it gets in the school and it gets so progressive that we have a Columbine?" said the mom.

    The mother said some videos of past fights have already been taken off YouTube, but the fights that were posted this week already have around 300 views and counting.

    "These children really think it's entertainment. They’re finding it fun," the mom said.

    This isn't the first time Meadow Woods Middle has had reports of violence.

    Two years ago, four students were suspended for the fight captured in a different video that was taken on campus.

    "I'm keeping my child home from Orange County Public Schools until I feel it's a safe environment," said the mother.

    The Sheriff's Office said they will continue to investigate the incidents.

    Channel 9 will keep you posted on any changes.

    You can watch the unedited video of the fight for yourself at wftv.com/video.

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