• ORCO school district to dish out big money for students' safety


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV found out the Orange County School District is about to dish out big money to ensure students are safe at each of its schools.

    It is an idea that the district started thinking about after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    Rick de Treville said school security isn't as easy as it used to be.

    "The Sandy Hook shooter went into an area, the lobby area, and it had a locked door. At that point, he used a 12-gauge shotgun to blast that door open," said Treville.

    De Treville is a school security expert and goes onto campuses to figure out how to make them safer.

    The Orange County School District said it plans to contract with Safe Havens International, Inc. to do the same thing in all 184 schools.

    It could cost close to $1 million, but district administrators said it's a cost they're willing to pay to protect students and staff.

    "We care about our kids, we care about teachers and our staff and we want them to be safe," said Doug Tripp of Orange County School Safety and Security.

    When the experts go to the schools, de Treville said they will try to think like criminals and look for vulnerable areas.

    "You almost start from the outside in. The perimeter barriers, such as fences or the lack of them, the parking lot the visibility, closed circuit cameras in place or not in place," he said.

    The contract is still being finalized.

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