• Orange Co. woman says Animal Services put cat down without permission


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County woman is looking for answers after she said her cat was euthanized without her permission.

    Lisa Storey said her aging cat slipped out of the house and was dropped off at Orange County Animal Services by a neighbor who didn't know it was hers. But Storey said the animal was put down before she could get there to pick it up.

    "It's not right.  I mean, she wasn't in any pain," said Storey.

    Storey was in tears as she relived the moments when her cat, Sofie, disappeared a few days ago and found out later Animal Services had euthanized the pet she had for close to a decade.

    Storey said Sofie wandered off after one of her special needs children left the front door open. 

    "I just kept calling her and calling her and looking around and searching the whole house," said Storey.

    When Storey found out a neighbor had picked up her pet cat, she went door to door with a picture and flyer in hand with hopes of finding Sofie.  She still had hope even after she learned a neighbor had taken her beloved feline to the animal shelter.

    "I was kind of relieved when I heard she was there.  I was like, 'Oh, my gosh. She was rescued.'"

    But as it turned out, the same day that neighbor had taken Sofie to the shelter, she was euthanized despite the three-day holding policy for stray animals.

    Spokeswoman Diane Summers said the cat appeared sick and "was not moving well, so, the citizen brought her to animal services."

    "Due to her poor health, the veterinarian made the determination to humanely euthanize her," said Summers.

    Channel 9 asked Animal Services if that three-day holding policy depended on whether the animal was sick or healthy.

    They said hold times are made on a case by case basis. 

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    Orange Co. woman says Animal Services put cat down without permission