Orange County crafts ordinance to allow rentable scooters

ORLANDO, Fla. — Editor’s note: This story is available as a result of a content partnership between WFTV and the Orlando Business Journal.

Orange County may join the city of Orlando in allowing the widespread use of rentable electric scooters on its streets.

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The county is drafting an ordinance that, if passed, creates a micromobility pilot program allowing up to 1,800 vehicles, county Transportation Planning Division Chief Planner Alissa Barber Torres said during a July 13 presentation to county commissioners.

The ordinance is at least months away from a vote, as county commissioners will review a more detailed ordinance draft in the fall.

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If the county adopts a pilot program, it would expand the availability of scooter share in the region in a big way. This opens up a new way for residents to connect with larger transit systems, like bus and rail, but it also presents new safety challenges.

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