Orange County deputies look for 'punks' accused of robbing man of groceries, shoes

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County deputies have arrested one teenager and are looking for additional suspects accused of robbing and attacking a man who was riding his bike.

The sheriff's office posted video on Facebook of the July 11 attack, which was shot by a bystander.

The post said, "Who are these punks?"

Investigators said Ridnel Meus,19, had just bought food for his family at the Caribbean Supercenter when he was attacked by the suspects in the 5500 block of Alhambra Drive.

“I (saw) five of them. Like three guys and two girls,” he said. “They (were) waiting.”

Need to ID Teen Attackers

UPDATE (7.25.17) Two more individuals have been arrested. They have also been charged with Felony Robbery and were booked into the Juvenile Detention Center. Detectives want to once again thank the individual who recorded the incident and gave it to the victim. The video was key in this investigation. Tow juveniles,Werlens Morisset and Timothy Thomas. No further arrests are expected. UPDATE: Night Investigations Detectives have arrested Vontavious Thomas and charged him with robbery. They are still seeking 2-3 other individuals in this disturbing incident. Who are these punks? On July 11th, they attacked a young man, stole the groceries he bought for his family, stole his shoes and cash and also took his red bike. It happened in the 5500 block of Alhambra Drive after the teenager bought food for his family from the Carribean Supercenter. Fortunately for the victim, a bystander (not related to the suspects) heard the commotion and recorded the tail end of the attack---and we are hoping that will lead us to the suspects. Detectives want to make arrests. The victim had to be taken to the hospital. Call Crimeline at 800-423-8477.

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Friday, July 21, 2017

According to a report, the suspects hit Meus in the face, knocking him off his bike. While he was on the ground, the suspects repeatedly kicked Meus in the face, according to the report.

“They beat me on my face and my ears,” said Meus.

Officials said the suspects stole the man's bike, shoes, cash and groceries.

Meus was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

On Friday, investigators said they had arrested 13-year-old Vontavious Thomas and charged him with felony robbery. Detectives said they are still looking for two to three additional suspects.

Detectives said a bystander, who is not related to the suspects, heard the commotion and recorded the end of the attack.

Investigators said Meus had another encounter with the same suspects in June where they stole his other bicycle.

If you recognize the suspects, police would like you to contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477.