• Orange County deputies test out body cameras


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County deputies may soon be getting a new tool to help fight crime.

    Authorities are about to launch a trial run using body cameras mounted on deputies.

    Video of a Sanford cop taking down a suspect shows exactly what it looks like when officers are equipped with a second set of eyes and ears.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office could soon be buying its own body cameras.

    People Eyewitness News spoke with supported the idea.

    "Like in sports, it'll be good to go to instant replay and say, 'OK, well we got this right,'" said resident Laville Kelly.

    The Sheriff's Office said it's just starting the process and will be getting a handful of cameras from the manufacturer to test for free.

    If they decide to move forward, the technology will come in addition to dash cameras. The agency already has in some of its vehicles.

    Unlike a dash camera, the body cameras will capture everything that happens once a deputy gets out of his or her vehicle and approaches a suspect or victim with full video and sound.

    "If the deputy got in trouble somewhere in a violent situation with a criminal or anything like that, I think it would honestly protect them," said resident Keith Honaker, who supports the idea.

    Video from a body cam on a UCF police officer captured the moments they stormed the room of James Seevakumaran, who they said planned to attack the campus.

    Eyewitness News learned the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Orlando, Oviedo and Daytona Beach police departments also use the same kind of technology.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office doesn't know how much the body cameras would cost yet if they decide to buy them, and have not tested the cameras yet.

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